How To Convert A Tomahawk TMD14 Backpack Fogger Into A Leaf Blower

TMD14 Uses and Benefits

At Tomahawk, we specifically made our TMD14 Backpack Fogger to be versatile. Not only is this fogger used for fighting off pests such as mosquitoes and ticks, but it can also be converted into a leaf blower for the fall and winter months. The various ways in which you can use our TMD14 makes it perfect for year-round use. 

The Importance Of Using A Leaf Blower

As we reach the end of the year, leaves begin to fall and can create a large mess in your yard. Aside from piles of leaves being aesthetically displeasing, this mess creates the perfect hiding area for unwanted pests. Mosquitoes and ticks love dark, humid environments to hide in. With fallen leaves accumulating in your yard, pests will be attracted to the debris and begin to hide out and breed. Leaf blowers are essential to keep a clean yard that is free of bothersome pests. 



Transforming your backpack fogger into a leaf blower requires just a few simple steps. While there are multiple ways in which you can convert your fogger into a leaf blower, the following steps are the most straightforward. 

Here’s how:

  1. Fill the tank 1/4 full with water. 
    1. It’s important to add water because the turbo boost pump within the TMD14 needs water to cycle in order for the pump to cool, otherwise it will break. 
  2. Close the white valve at the throttle. 
  3. Remove the tube leading to the fan nozzle.
  4. Remove the fan nozzle.
  5. Start blowing. 

While you could remove the turbo boost, that process is very complicated and is a complicated process to do every time you want to use the unit as a leaf blower.

Tips For Efficient Leaf Blowing 

While leaf blowing can seem simple, there are a few tricks you can apply that will ensure the job gets done right. 

  1. Safety first. Wear protective eye glasses, gloves, ear protection, and sturdy shoes. 
  2. Make sure the leaves are dry.
  3. Blow in the direction of the wind. 
  4. Watch out for dust and dirt. 
  5. Follow up with raking any excess leaves. 

Troubleshooting Your Leaf Blower

Is your leaf blower giving you problems? Avoid spending time and money on a professional and fix it yourself. Check out our YouTube video on how to troubleshoot your leaf blower here:

There are various reasons why your leaf blower may fail to start. When leaf blowers begin to have issues, they are very easy to notice. In order to keep your leaf blower running at its best for a long time, it’s essential to assess the problem right away. Get detailed instructions here. 

Our TMD14 Backpack Foggers provide the best solution for keeping your yard beautiful, while also making pest control easy to handle. With its versatile features, you can even use your fogger as a disinfecting tool. For more tips and tricks on how to get the most out of our backpack sprayers and foggers, subscribe to our newsletter.

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