Tomahawk Power Warranty

Tomahawk Power warrants all products and parts sold by Tomahawk and it's dealers/ retailers to be free of defects in workmanship and product material. This period of warranty is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Tomahawk Power’s warranty is limited to repair, replacement, or refund. Tomahawk reserves the right to decide which of these remedies shall be exercised. 

Repairs will be done under the guidance of Tomahawk Power Technicians. If a part is deemed broken, spare parts will be provided to owners free of charge, in order to repair that product. Tomahawk Power LLC products must be covered by a Tomahawk Power LLC Factory Warranty or a Tomahawk Power Extended Warranty for the owner to use this service. If complications arise, Tomahawk Power will provide a network of service dealers, the equipment owner must deliver the equipment to the repair center, and all repairs/service costs will be covered by Tomahawk Power.

Replacement items may take several days to re-deliver if the item is in stock. If the item is out of stock, another solution may take place.

Refunds will take place once Tomahawk Power receives the item.
A Tomahawk Power representative will send shipping instructions. If the item falls under warranty, Tomahawk Power will pay for the return shipping.  

Tomahawk Power’s warranty will no longer be honored if the equipment is misused, improperly modified without the consent of Tomahawk, damaged, or neglected. 

Tomahawk Power will not pay for repairs performed without approval.

The following are examples of how a customer may void the warranty:

-Running any Tomahawk equipment that has a pump without liquid or water. This will damage internal seals and void the warranty

-Running any Tomahawk engines without oil. 2-stroke engines require a 50:1 oil gas mixture.

-Using a chemical in the sprayer tank with a high-viscosity and not cleaning the tank out afterwards. This could result in the pump seals breaking, due to crystallization of the chemicals. Cleaning the tank and using proper maintenance is required.  

-Using any of the equipment around saltwater. It will rust and wear metal if not properly stored.


All Honda engine warranties fall under the 3 year commercial grade warranty of Honda. Please follow the link below for service Honda engines:

For nearby Honda engines service centers, please visit this link:

Note: Some equipment may offer longer warranty terms on certain parts such as: 

Tomahawk Generators: backed by a 1-year Tomahawk warranty and 2-year engine warranty.

Tomahawk Plate Compactors: backed by a 1-year product warranty and a 10-year baseplate warranty.

If your product experiences technical issues, you may file a claim by contacting Tomahawk Power, LLC at: 866-577-4476,
Ir submit a claim online at:

Our goal at Tomahawk Power is to provide great service and to make sure your equipment works for your job. We will do our best to make all Tomahawk Power customers satisfied. 

Questions or comments about the Sites or these Site Terms may be directed to Tomahawk Power via the contact us form or by calling us at (866) 577-4476.

Date of Last Revision: 10/8/2021