How To Replace The Gas Tank On A Honda GX160 Engine


In this video, we go over step-by-step on how to replace a gas tank on a Honda GX160 engine. This engine is a standard, horizontal 4-stroke with a common gas tank that was damaged and needed a replacement. 


We worked on a Tomahawk Power 5.5 HP Honda Powered Gas Plate Compactor Tamper. 



1. Remove the air filter.

2. Loosen the screw that is holding part of the gas tank on the backside of the engine.

3. Loosen and remove the two bolts on the front side of the engine.

4. Disconnect the fuel line with needle-nose players.

5. Replace the nozzle if needed.

6. Clamp the fuel line to position for reattachment.

7. Connect the fuel line before fastening the new tank.

8. Attach the new gas tank.

9. Screw on the two bolts.

10. Place the air filter and cover back on.

11. Place gas tank cover on.


Get a replacement Honda GX160 4-stroke engine here.  


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