How To Troubleshoot A Leaf Blower


There are various reasons why your leaf blower may fail to start. When leaf blowers begin to have issues, they are very easy to notice. In order to keep your leaf blower running at its best for a long time, it’s essential to assess the problem right away. 

Instead of investing money in hiring a professional or buying a completely new one, knowing how to troubleshoot your own leaf blower will save you time and money. 

For this video, we worked on a Cardinal 3HP Backpack Fogger Duster Leaf Blower. After figuring out what was wrong, we realized that the ignition module was broken. 

In this video, we go over how to replace the ignition module in 11 simple steps. 


  1. Pull off the spark plug ignition coil and remove the air filter. 
  2. Loosen the plastic housing to remove the ignition coil. 
  3. Remove the gas tank, air filter, and all fuel system lines. 
  4. Unplug the power system. 
  5. Replace the old ignition module with a new module. 
  6. Reconnect the power system. 
  7. Fasten the ignition module. 
  8. Reattach the gas tank and fuel system. 
  9. Reassemble all parts. 
  10. Test your leaf blower. 
  11. To test, pull the recoil starter while touching the end of the spark plug with a piece of metal. 

**The spark plug gap for this TMD14 model is 0.024 - 0.028 inches. Check your owner's manual for recommended gap measurements.**

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