INTRODUCING: The New Tomahawk Power Buggy


Introducing our newest product, the Tomahawk Power Buggy! We are excited to launch a product that allows operators to produce more in less time and energy. 



Combining efficiency and strength, we have engineered a motorized wheelbarrow- ran completely free of emissions. This battery operated machine will haul worksite debris and material from place to place, without exhausting your crew. Nothing can stop it from enduring the most demanding environments- use the Tomahawk Power Buggy through mud, sand, and even uphill! 

Clean energy is the new standard. Construction equipment is a significant contributor to air pollution. To address this impact, the California Air Resources Board has adopted the nation’s first regulation designed to clean up construction equipment by gradually turning over to cleaner, more environmentally friendly models. 



With no fuel dependency, you can get more efficient operations and improved long-term ROI as you save time and money. 

Less time wasted on transporting and dumping, more energy used for completing your client’s project with quality and speed. Maximize your time and energy for the tasks that matter, and let the Tomahawk Power Mini Dumper take care of the haul.



Learn why our new Power Buggy will become a staple equipment at every job site: 


  • 1000W Electric Brushless Motor
  • 48V-20aH battery for zero emission waste
  • Quiet operations allowing operator to use indoors and outdoors 

Extreme Strength 

  • Holds up to 650 lbs. 
  • Includes 1 reverse gear and 4 forward motion gears for any desired power and speed
  • Moves at a maximum speed of 3.1mph/h

Made For All Terrains 

  • 4 Wheel Drive for all terrain types providing superior traction 
  • Full dumping hopper with hand controls 
  • Works in temperatures ranging from 50 F to 104 F


  • 1 year factory warranty 
  • 220V battery charge with lasting power up to 8 hours


The Tomahawk Power Buggy Is The Tool You Need For 2022

The Tomahawk Power Buggy will carry you through tough jobs without compromising your time and stamina. Safely carry up to 650 pounds of material from one location to the next. As you work your way through each project, this motorized wheelbarrow won’t guzzle gas and release carbon emissions. Take your Power Buggy to jobs for indoor demolition, landscaping, utility work, agriculture, general construction, farming, equestrian maintenance, and so much more. Don’t make your next project harder than it needs to be, let the Tomahawk Power Buggy take care of the load! 


Same strength as a gas powered engine, without harming the environment. 
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