30" Concrete Power Buggy Electric Battery Mini Dumper 660-lb. Bucket Capacity

Tomahawk PowerSKU: TBUGGY300e

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Horrible, it keeps breaking down. I regret buying it. They send me a replacement and it broke down. Three weeks later. It’s been sitting for over a month,

John Green
Very Easy to Use

This buggy is truly a lifesaver. I can't believe I waited this long to get one!

Brian G

I'm an old guy. I've spent too long manually carrying anything from rocks, firewood, and more and totally breaking my back. Out of the box, it is pretty mush assembled with a charged battery. The lower speeds are great for uphill high torque requirements and the high speed is good for flat straightaways. Yes, this tool is expensive, but so are the medical bills you'll have to deal with if you continue to oush your body to its limits. So far, I am more than pleased with this buggy and recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Chris T
Very happy

I am constantly battling the terrain when it comes to moving dirt, rocks, you name it! With this thing I can easily get up hills or go over uneven rocks and soil. I've been using the lower speed for rough terrain and the higher speeds for flat areas. This thing is a gamechanger. When cutting out the tough part of the job, this buggy really helped shift my team's attention from the manual labor to taking their time to finish jobs more professionally!

Landon H
Make hauling dirt a breeze

We recently started a job that required loading bricks up a steep incline. Without this buggy, I think my whole crew would be in the hospital for breaking our backs. This thing practically drives itself on the 3rd speed and the hydraulic hopper is a godsend! So glad we got the Tomahawk!


Ask a Question
  • How do you charge it?

    Tomahawk Power 30" Power Buggy comes with a charger on the side of the unit that can be plugged directly into an outlet.

  • Are there any accessories for this?

    Yes! Tomahawk Buggies have several optional accessories including a flat bed, snow plough, ball hitch, and skip extensions.

  • How fast does it go?

    This buggy has a top speed of 3.1 MPH.

  • How long will the battery last?

    With continuous use, the battery can last up to 8 hours. With stopping and starting, the battery will last up to 20 hours.

  • How much dirt can it hold?

    This buggy can hold up to 8 cubic feet or 660 lbs of dirt, rock, debris, materials, etc.

  • Where can I buy the accessories at?

    Check our power buggy page for all accessories currently available!

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