How to Start Up and Operate a Tomahawk TBS500 Skid Sprayer

Watch this video or follow the steps to get your Skid Sprayer spraying today: 

Tomahawk Skid Sprayers are your best solution for industrial pest control. Perfect for applying pesticides around commercial and residential areas, these sprayers are powered by Honda engines and easy to use.


Note: If you just unboxed the machine fill engine with gas (Max. 0.67qt) and oil (Max. 3.4oz)



  1. Connect your suction hose and return hose to the pump
  2. Move the choke into the UP position for a cold start
  3. Adjust the throttle control handle to half speed
  4. Place your agitator and return hose into your water receptacle
  5. Pull the recoil starter 1-3 times until the engine starts
  6. Move the choke back into the DOWN position
  7. Prime the pump by shaking the agitator and suction hose while increasing the pressure with the red knob
  8. Move the throttle down to increase speed and up to lower the speed of the engine
  9. Turn the knob clockwise to increase pressure and counterclockwise to reduce pressure
  10. You can now use your spraying attachment of choice
  11. The return hose carries water from the pump back to its reservoir and helps to keep your chemicals mixed
  12. To stop the engine, press the red kill switch above the throttle control handle



Your Skid Sprayer is now ready to Spray!

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