How to Assemble a Tomahawk JXPC50H Plate Compactor Tamper

Achieve 100% compaction ratings with Tomahawk Plate Compactors. Small in size, these compactors are perfect for jobs including patios, artificial turf, and more! Plus, add portability with the optional wheel kit.

Watch this video or follow the steps to get your Plate Compactor working today:

Items needed for assembly:  17mm, 13mm, and an adjustable wrench


How to Assemble a Tomahawk JXPC50H Plate Compactor Tamper:

  • Wheel kit sold separately

  • Pro tip: use the adjustable wrench in steps where you are securing bolts


  • Align wheel kit to the back of the compactor

  • Fasten wheel kit in place with bolts using the 17mm wrench

  • Slip on the rubber grip in place and secure the screw and bolt with the 13mm wrench

  • Align the bottom of the handles to the back of the compactor and secure the bolts in place with the 17mm wrench.


Your vibratory plate compactor is now ready to run!

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