Ranked Second Fastest Growing Private Company in San Diego

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Tomahawk Wins Second Place In San Diego Business Journal's Fastest Growing Private Company in San Diego

By Dayanne Aceves

San Diego, CA - Based in San Diego, California, Tomahawk Power is proud to be One of San Diego's fastest growing companies and bring success to contractors nationwide with durable, high quality American Tools! We believe the key to our growth and success has been to a few factors. Tomahawk Power was founded in 2012 as a portable generator business and since has evolved to a multi industry equipment manufacturer. Creating cutting edge tool designs and technological innovations in green technology that contractors nationwide will find success with. 

"At Tomahawk, we strive to make our tools last years, which is why you can trust Tomahawk to Power Your World!" says Lawrence Nora, President of Tomahawk Power.

Tomahawk builds tools that can be used everyday and will stand the test of time for tradesman, contractors, and do-it-yourselfers. We understand to keep your job site running smoothly, the proper equipment and parts are needed at the drop of a hat. Our priority is offering same day shipping, faster spare parts availability, nationwide repair centers, and an industry leading commercial-grade warranty. We value durability and quality, that's why we assemble and build our tools in our assembly facility.

Visit www.tomahawk-power.com for more information about our equipment. 


About Tomahawk Power

Tomahawk Power manufactures outdoor power sprayers, light construction, and portable power equipment. With a commitment to American engineering, Tomahawk’s constant research and design, along with invaluable customer feedback, elevates Tomahawk equipment for superior performance. Tomahawk has become a leading distributer/manufacturer of outdoor equipment and a brand that is recognized for its reliability and great service.

At Tomahawk, we strive to make our tools last you for years, which is why you can trust Tomahawk to power your world!


Lawrence Nora, President 



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