How to know if you need pest control or an exterminator?

If you have ever had an ant invasion in your home, you know that it can be incredibly frustrating and upsetting. If you've tried to get rid of them yourself with no luck, then you might be wondering how to know if it's time to hire a professional exterminator or pest control company.

Some people confuse exterminators with pest control companies, but they offer different services. Pest control companies are not trained to handle infestations. On the other hand, an exterminator can help manage existing problems as well as prevent them from happening in the future by finding their source and removing it from your home's environment.

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Pest Control

Pest control is a preventive measure, not a cure. While you might think that pest control is about killing bugs and other critters, it’s more about preventing them from infiltrating your home in the first place. That’s because many common pests can live for months or years within your home before they become noticeable. When you hire a professional to perform pest control treatments on your property, they will use non-toxic methods to keep insects at bay without releasing harmful chemicals into the air or soil around your home.



Exterminators are licensed and trained to handle more serious infestations, such as bedbugs or termites. The key difference on their technique is that they will help you get rid of the infestation that’s already occurred in your home or business by using harsh chemicals that will ensure the pest is exterminated as quickly as possible. They are the ones you call when you need the quick fix but not the prolonged one that will keep the pests from reoccurring.

It’s crucial to differentiate and understand which professional to contact regarding your pest issue. Knowing the differentiation between the two will save you time and money as well as the headache of having to hire the correct one as the issue was not resolved. While getting rid of an infestation is a job best left to the pros, there are plenty of things that you can do yourself at home to help from any sort of infestation occurring.

PRO TIP: Investing in a backpack sprayer for spraying in between pest control visits can ensure the visits become less frequent saving you money!

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