How To Start Up A TG5000i Inverter Generator

When the lights go out, have peace of mind that the Tomahawk TG5500i Portable Generator will keep your home powered.

The TG5000i Inverter Generator contains a 5500 watt max power with 5000 watt running. It also includes a wheel kit for easy transport and a battery and electric start. 

Follow these easy steps to get yours running:


1. Access the side panel to connect the electrical lines. 

2. Add 10W-30 Motor Oil located inside the side panel. 

3. To drain or replace oil, access the orange drain plug.

4. Open the fuel tank to add high octane gasoline.

5. On a cold start, turn the knob all the way down.

6. For battery start, press the red button. 

7. Once the engine is running, turn the knob to the ON position. 


Your generator is now ready to use! 


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