How To Start Up A Tomahawk Power TG2000i and TG3000i Inverter Generator

Tomahawk Gas Powered Portable Generators are not only perfect for home backup during emergencies and natural disasters, but they are also the best way to provide power while on camping trips and vacations. Keep your tools running smoothly on any jobsite even off the grid; including power saws, drills and other critical equipment.

The package includes manuals, a parallel kit, additional outlet covers, and a small tool kit.


Start up steps are the same for both the TG2000i and TG3000i. Here's how to get yours running in no time:


1. Carefully remove the unit from the box.

2. Access the right panel to add 10W-30 Motor Oil. NOTE: The generator engine will not start without oil.

3. Fill until the oil reaches about halfway up the dipstick.

4. Open the fuel tank to add high octane gasoline.

5. Turn the knob to the right to open the choke.

6. Pull the recoil starter to turn the engine on.

7. Turn the knob to the left to RUN.


Your inverter generator is now ready to use!


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