How To Assemble And Start Up A Tomahawk TPC80H Plate Compactor

Designed specifically to maneuver narrow, cramped spaces, the TPC80H Plate Compactor compacts cohesive and granular soils up to 22 inches.

Ideal for compacting landscapes, hardscapes, roadways, and asphalt, this vibratory plate is perfect for professionals, construction equipment rental, and do-it-yourselfers alike.


Watch this video or follow the steps to get your Plate Compactor working today: 


  1. Remove the bolts and isolation mounts from the back of the compactor. 
  2. Align the bae of the handles to the back of the compactor. 
  3. Fit the bolts back into the isolation mounts. 
  4. Use a 19mm socket wrench to securely tighten the bolts. 
  5. Fuel the engine with Regular Grade Unleaded Gasoline, 87 Octane or higher. 
  6. Use 10W-30 oil for the motor. 
  7. Turn the engine ON. 
  8. Set the throttle to idle by moving fully to the right. 
  9. Pull the recoil starter. 
  10. Set the choke to OFF. 
  11. Adjust the throttle speed to your preference. 


Your plate compactor is now ready to run! 


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