How To Start A Tomahawk TWG210A Welder Generator

The Tomahawk TWG210A Welder Generator is designed for high power and durability. Ideal for farms, construction sites, or any job that requires electrical power and CC (constant current) stick welding.


Just purchased a TWG210A from Tomahawk Power? Our warehouse crew created this how-to video to get your welder generator started properly.



1. Add SAE10W-30 oil to the engine.

2. Add gasoline (89 Octane or higher) to the engine.

3. Open the fuel valve by pulling down.

4. Pull the choke to turn ON.

5. Switch the switch ON.

6. Turn the ignition key to start.

7. If the battery doesn't start up the engine, use the manual recoil to start.



About the TWG210A

Producing up to 210 Amps of DC output with a 60% duty cycle, the TWG210A is suitable for welding from 6010 rods up to 7024 rods. The convenient back wheels allow for maneuverability for portable onsite welding and can also be used for emergency back-up power when necessary. Featuring Tomahawk’s incredible 15HP engine, with 2000 watts of DC output, this welder generator will provide you with the power you need wherever you need it. The Tomahawk TWG210A is an excellent tool for job applications at your workshop, ranch, or farm - and is backed by a 2-year engine warranty.


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