A New Way To Protect Your Home From 2021’s Fire Season

Fire season is a grievous topic each year in the United States. In 2020, 58,950 fires were reported, blazing through 10.1 million acres of land. The pacific coast -states such as California, Oregon, and Washington- are commonly affected heavily by wildfires. 

Year after year more fires erupt, damaging homes and affecting thousands of lives. However, a new fire science has emerged to help stop this dangerous growing number: Mighty Fire Breaker’s MBF-31

MBF-31 is a “fire inhibitor” that is applied to dry vegetation, fences, rooftops, wood decks, and even through sprinklers to prevent fires from starting and/or spreading. Much like how the pesticide and insecticide chemicals that are poured into our pest control equipment are used to prevent future pests from populating, MBF-31 was created to be a preventative measure towards the spread of fires by creating a fire-resistant environment. 

“It will reduce a lazy wildfire’s ability to ignite and advance around your home and neighborhood.” -Steve Conboy, Owner of Mighty Fire Breaker

Unlike fire retardant, this chemical is fully biodegradable, food grade, and has nontoxic ingredients, making it safe to be used around animals and humans.

Mighty Fire Breaker MBF-31 can safely be sprayed around your home, children and pets. When it dries, it will lower the risk of fire’s ability to ignite and advance on whatever has been sprayed. MFB-31 is not a “fire retardant”, it is a “fire inhibitor“ that contains no fertilizer, no ammonia, no phosphates. Its chemistry is all food grade and leaves no mess to clean up.”



Mighty Fire Breaker is equipping property owners to get proactive in wildfire defense to support all of our brave firefighters, during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Not only does this help firefighters control the spread of fires, this chemical could save your home and community from traumatizing damage. Taking charge before fire season begins protects the environment, and in turn reduces property loss and destruction. 

We believe our fire inhibitor chemistry and equipment will help fire departments shut down all types of fires faster—to protect not only property and human life but the environment, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollutants caused by fire.”

Property owners can now purchase Mighty Fire Breaker’s clean and safe fire inhibitor, MFB-31, in tandem with our 5 Gallon Gas Power Backpack Sprayer. Application is easy and effective with our sprayer and Foundation Gun Attachment, as the spray pattern can be adjusted from straight to cone-shape to fit the needs of your property and environment. In less than an hour, homeowners can spray 1 acre of land with a 40ft reach and 25ft up into trees. 

The maintenance for fire protection and prevention is very similar to pest control and prevention. In the event that a wildfire occurs, homeowners can evacuate confidently, knowing they have taken the proper measures to protect their home and property. 

Everyone can support lowering the risk of wildfires. 

For more information regarding Mighty Fire Breaker’s MFB-31, contact steve@mightyfirebreaker.com

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