How To Replace A Carburetor On A Backpack Sprayer



In this video, our warehouse crew is demonstrating how to replace a carburetor on a backpack sprayer.


Our crew used a Cardinal Sprayers sprayer, CPS435. The replacement is also applicable to backpack sprayers such as: Tomahawk Power's TPS25 and TCS6.5


1. Remove the air filter assembly housing from the backpack sprayer.

2. Align the springs to remove from the top.

3. Loosen and remove the clear tubes attached to the gas tank on the bottom.

4. Unscrew the remainder of the air filter housing.

5. Carefully remove the original carburetor from the engine.

6. Insert the screws into the air filter housing.

7. Align the new carburetor with the screws on the air filter housing.

8. Insert the gasket onto the new carburetor.

9. Align the screws into the engine housing to insert the new carburetor.

10. Tighten the screws in the secure the carburetor in place.

11. Pull the choke lever down to move the wire forward.

12. Align the wire inside the metal holder.

13. Secure in place.

14. Attach all elements of the air filter housing.

15. Your new carburetor is installed!


Get a new carburetor for a backpack sprayer here.

Cardinal CPS435 5 Gallon Gas Powered Backpack Sprayer 

Tomahawk Power TPS25 Gas Powered Backpack Sprayer

Tomahawk Power's TCS6.5 Concrete Sprayer


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