How To Replace A Recoil Starter and Flywheel On A Backpack Sprayer

When the engine on your backpack sprayer is not starting, the first parts to check is the recoil starter and the flywheel. Common issues with a recoil starter could be a broken string or a jammed string. If this is the case, replacing it will be your best option.

Our crew at the warehouse demonstrated step-by-step how to replace both parts on a backpack sprayer.

Tools You Will Need:

  • 8mm Allen wrench
  • 14mm socket wrench



1. Use a 8mm Allen wrench to unscrew the old recoil starter from the plastic housing of the engine. There will be 5 screws holding it in place.

2. Remove the old recoil starter from the plastic housing on the engine.

3. Replace with a new recoil starter by screwing it onto the plastic housing.


Is your recoil starter working fine? Check the flywheel next.

Here's how to replace the flywheel on your backpack sprayer: 


4. Insert a screwdriver into the fan in the engine's plastic housing to stop it from spinning.

5. Use a 14mm socket wrench to loosen the old flywheel from the engine housing. 6. Screw on the new flywheel by hand or with a 14 mm socket wrench.

7. Reattach the recoil starter onto the plastic housing.


Purchase a new recoil starter here.

Purchase a new flywheel here.


The engine featured in this video is used on three of our backpack sprayers:



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