How To Clean The Tank On A Backpack Sprayer


In this video, our team demonstrates how to clean the tank on a backpack sprayer. In order to keep your sprayer running great, it's important to clean it out after each use. Depending on the products being used, sometimes the hose or wand can get clogged and bog down the power of the spray. Be sure to clean it thoroughly to avoid this issue. 

Luckily, these backpack sprayers can generate up to 435PSI, which makes it easy to cleanse the tank as you spray. 

Tools You Will Need:

  • 6mm Allen wrench 


  1. Empty out any liquid remaining in the tank. 
  2. Fill up the tank with clean water. 
  3. Examine the wand tip for sediment build up and clean out as needed. 
  4. Flush out water through the hose and handle press. 
  5. Flush out the remainder of the water with the wand attached. 

If your crew forgot to clean it out after a job and sediment has been sitting in the tank for a while, use this method to give the tank a thorough cleaning: 

  1. Detach the hose from the pump. 
  2. Use a 6mm Allen wrench to loosen the bolts on the brass pump. 
  3. Loosen the brass tubes on the pump. 
  4. Turn the engine ON. 
  5. Fill tank with clean water and flush through until all sediment is cleansed. 
  6. Screw the bolts back in to secure the pump in place. 
  7. Reattach the hose to the pump once pump is clean. 

This video is applicable to the following backpack sprayers:

Spare Parts: 

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