How To Bypass The Oil Sensor On A Plate Compactor Engine


Is your plate compactor not starting? When dealing with troubleshooting for brand new engines, bypassing the oil sensor can often be a solution to the problem. This video demonstrates how to bypass the LOW oil sensor on an engine and get your plate compactor up and running. 

*This can apply to a Honda engine, Kohler engine, or Tomahawk Power engine.*


  1. Locate the engine's ON/OFF switch. 
  2. Remove the clamp that is holding all of the wires in place. 
  3. Follow the bottom wire connected to the crank case to locate the oil sensor. 
  4. Disconnect the oil sensor wires. 
  5. Organize the remaining wires back together with the clamp. 
  6. Turn the switch ON and start the engine. 

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