How To Add A Turbo Boost On A Backpack Sprayer


The Turbo Boost attachment is the perfect tool to apply to your backpack sprayer for powerful, long distance spraying. When using the Turbo Booster, vertical reach increases by 40 feet.  

This attachment is compatible with the Tomahawk Power TMD14 Backpack Fogger and Cardinal Sprayer's CMD65. 


  1. Use an Allen wrench to remove the back housing from the unit. 
  2. With a 10mm socket wrench, loosen the bottom bolts to separate the base from the unit. 
  3. Loosen the screws connected to the gas tank. 
  4. Disconnect the flange. 
  5. Remove the unit from the frame and flip over to begin the turbo boost assembly. 
  6. Remove the plastic housing. 
  7. Remove the nut and washer from the center. 
  8. Attach the ceramic coupling onto the turbo boost. 
  9. Use a 16mm socket wrench to drill a shaft into the center. 
  10. Align the ceramic coupling over the shaft to attach the turbo boost attachment. 
  11. Secure in place by tightening the 3 screws. 
  12. Reattach the unit to the frame. 
  13. Align the gas tank and securely tighten to the base. 
  14. Attach the flange. 
  15. Tighten the screws to attach the back housing. 
  16. Reattach the back padding. 
  17. Attach top tube to the tank and the clear tube to the throttle. 
  18. Perform a test run. 

Tomahawk Power Turbo Boosted TMD14 Backpack Fogger

Cardinal Sprayer's CMD65 Backpack Fogger

Turbo Boost Attachment

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