How To Attach A Polypad On A Plate Compactor


 Paver Pads, also known as poly pads or polyurethane pads, are great for the compaction of concrete pavers and bricks, for outdoor patios, driveways, and more. Of course you can also use your vibratory plate without a pad, but you will find many more broken or scratched bricks as a result. Most plate compactors are built to easily attach these pads.

In this video, we demonstrate how to attach the poly pad onto your plate compactor.


1. Unscrew the bolts on the bottom edges of the plate compactor with an Allen wrench.

2. Align the polypad with the black metal strip to the corresponding holes.

3. Secure tightly with screws.

4. Carefully lay down the plate compactor with the polypad straight.

5. Stretch the polypad over and align the holes with the black metal strip.

6. Secure tightly with screws.

7. Once finished, carefully lower your plate compactor to a standing position.


Plate Compactors:


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