How to Start a Tomahawk Jumping Jack Rammer

If you are unboxing your jumping jack rammer and looking to get it started today, follow this quick guide to get it running great! Tomahawk rammers are powered by reliable Honda engines, which will require you to use 91 Octane gasoline and SAE10W30 4 Stroke Motor oil.

  1. Unscrew the oil cap from the Honda Engine.
  2. Fill the engine with SAE10W30 4 Stroke Motor oil at a maximum capacity of 0.42 qts. (Too much oil may result in excess smoke from the engine).
  3. Replace the oil cap securely to avoid any leakage.
  4. Remove the fuel cap on top of the rammer to add gasoline.
  5. Fill the fuel tank with 91 Octane gasoline at a maximum capacity of 0.81 qts.
  6. Replace the fuel cap securely to avoid any leakage.
  7. Turn the red engine switch to ON.
  8. Open the fuel valve.
  9. Move the throttle on top of the rammer to half throttle to avoid the rammer’s jumping motions while starting the engine.
  10. Pull the Honda GX100 engine’s recoil starter cord 2-3 times or until the engine starts.
  11. Move the throttle to full throttle to begin the rammer’s jumping motion.

For any questions regarding troubleshooting, spare parts, and compaction equipment service please reach out to Tomahawk Power at (866) 577-4476 or email Our bilingual staff if happy to help!


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