How to Replace a Jumping Jack Rammer's Air Filter and Other Maintenance Tips
Regular maintenance is an important task to retain your rammer’s performance, efficiency, and longevity.
Here are a few steps you can take to keep your rammer running great!

Replacing the Air Filters
Tomahawk rammer’s have a Dual Air Filter Design. The dusty job sites that rammers typically operate in can put extra strain on the engine. With the Tomahawk Dual Air Filter Design helps the engine avoid clogs and allow your Honda engine to run longer in the dirtiest conditions! Both air filters should be replaced after 25 hours of jobsite use.

To access the first air filter, you will need to find the air filter cover behind the rammer’s front roller. This is an easy access cover, that can simply be unscrewed to access the air filter. Simply remove the old air filter, switch with a new one, and then replace the cover and secure it tightly.

To access the second air filter, you will need to remove part of the rammer’s roll cage. To do this, you will need a 15mm socket. You can simply loosen it with an impact drill and remove the screw by hand. In total, you will need to remove four screws from the left side of the rammer (from the position of holding the tamper’s handles). The other side of the roll cage does not need to be removed to access this air filter. Once the roller cage is removed, you will find a black box, which is the air filter’s cover. Remove the two screws that hold the cover with a flat head screwdriver. Then, simply remove the old air filter, switch with a new one, and then replace the cover and secure it tightly again with the screwdriver. Lastly replace the rammer’s roll cage with the same four screws and a 15mm socket. For a more visual guide to accessing Tomahawk Rammer air filters, watch the video included with this article.

Close the Fuel Valve
Always close the fuel valve after each use of your rammer. Making this a routine will help to avoid flooding the rammer’s engine when not in use or stored in your truck.

Rammer Spring Lubrication
Make sure your tamping rammer’s internal spring is well lubricated. Without lubrication, the integrity of the equipment will quickly break. Check the oil window at the base of the rammer to check the spring’s oil level. If the oil is low or cannot be seen, it is time to replace immediately. Replenish the spring’s oil with SAE10W30 oil.

For any questions regarding troubleshooting, spare parts, and compaction equipment service please reach out to Tomahawk Power at (866) 577-4476 or email Our bilingual staff if happy to help!
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