How to Replace the Throttle on a Tomahawk Concrete Power Screed

Tomahawk Concrete Power Screeds are essential tools used to level and smooth freshly poured concrete surfaces. These machines rely on many components to function properly and one critical component is the throttle. Over time the throttle may wear out or become damaged requiring replacement. In this blog we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to replace the throttle on a Tomahawk Concrete Power Screed.

Here's What You'll Need: 

Tomahawk Power Screed

New Throttle Cable

Needle Nose Pliers

Phillips Head Screw Driver

8mm Wrench

10mm Wrench


Step 1

If needed adjust the throttle to give the cable more slack. Using needle nose pliers pull the end of the throttle cable up and out of the carburetor swivel system. 

Step 2

With the 10mm wrench loosen the nut holding the cable in place. Remove the nut and then pull the cable out of the carburetors bracket. 

Step 3

Remove the screws securing the throttle cable with the Phillips head screw driver and an 8mm wrench.

Step 4

Pull the cable out of the handle bar and set it to the side. 

Step 5

Grab the new throttle cable and begin securing the throttle control to the top of the handle with the two screws.

Step 6

Feed the throttle cable through the handle bar and out the other end. 

Step 7

Replace the retainer over the end of the throttle cable and feed it through the bracket of the carburetor. Secure it in place with the nut and fasten it with the 10mm wrench.

Step 8

Thread the end of the throttle cable into the carburetor swivel system. 


By Following these step by step instructions you have successfully  replaced the throttle on a Tomahawk Concrete Power Screed. Remember to always prioritize safety, use the correct tools and correct replacement parts. With a functioning throttle your power screed will continue to deliver efficient and effective power for your construction projects.

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