How To Replace The Bearing On A Concrete Scarifier


On a Tomahawk Power Concrete Scarifier, the bearings serve to reduce friction and allow for smoother rotation of the drum. This cuts down on the amount of energy consumption used when operating. If your concrete scarifier bogs down or is not performing as powerful as it should, it could be time to replace the bearing. 

Replacing the bearing on your concrete scarifier should take about 20 minutes. Watch this video to learn step-by-step. 


  1. Use a 26mm socket wrench to remove the scarifier drum from the bottom. 
  2. Use an Allen wrench to remove the four bolts on the bearing housing. 
  3. With a hammer, carefully remove the bearing from the metal housing. 
  4. Place the new bearing onto the housing and carefully hammer into place. 
  5. Place the felt washer onto your new bearing. 
  6. Align the bearing with the holes on the scarifier and secure in place with the four bolts. 
  7. Use an allen wrench to secure the four bolts in place. 

Get a new bearing here. 

Tomahawk Power Concrete Scarifiers.

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