How To Adjust The Throttle On A Power Screed


On a Tomahawk Power Screed, the throttle cable is used to connect the power to the screed’s engine. The security of the throttle cable is essential to ensure your power screed engine is running smoothly. This power screed uses a Honda GX35 Engine. 

Adjusting a throttle cable is simple and only requires a few minutes of operation. 

In this video, our warehouse crew shows how to easily adjust the throttle on your power screed: 


  1. Pull the throttle out from the metal arm to reach the engine.
  2. Remove the air filter cover from the engine. 
  3. Loosen the bolt on the end of the throttle wire to separate the two washers. 
  4. Align the throttle wire onto the black piece of the engine, in between the washers. 
  5. Tighten the bolt to secure the washers and throttle wire in place. 
  6. Move the accelerator forward to push the throttle wire out. 
  7. Align the wire to the metal piece and push into place. 
  8. Test the movement of the throttle. 
  9. Place the air filter cover back on. 

Power Screed Throttle shown in this video

Tomahawk Power Screeds

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