How to Replace Carburetor on a Honda GX160 Engine

In this blog we will walk you through how to clean and replace the carburetor on a Honda GX160 engine. If the engine won't start or isn't running smoothly, the carb might be the first thing to look at. Follow these steps: 


Step 1

Take off the air filter using a 10mm wrench or socket. 

Step 2

Unhook the gas line and throttle levers. Then remove the plastic housing cover.

Step 3

Remove the carburetor once all other pieces are removed. 

Step 4

Either clean the carburetor in an ultrasonic cleaner or replace the carburetor with a new one.

Step 5

Insert the new or cleaned carburetor into place and slide the gasket into the carburetor. 

Step 6

Slide back into place the outside housing and screw the bolt securely. 

Step 7

Place the air filter back on and screw the nut. Then place the housing and secure with final nut back into place securely. 

You have successfully replaced the Carburetor on a Honda GX160 engine.

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