How to Fix a Mosquito Fogger Leak - System Reroute

The Tomahawk Turbo Boosted Backpack Fogger if perfect for applying pesticides, disinfectants, fertilizers, and more. But it won’t do you much good if the unit is leaking! Today we’re going to talk about the last trick you can use to stop common leaks in your backpack fogger. First, make sure that all your hoses are connected, especially the breather tube inside the tank, which can be a common cause of leaks. If you haven’t already, take a look at our breather tube video. If your fogger is still leaking after you have checked all of your tube connections, you can follow these steps to reroute the fogger’s system.


Step 1

Ensure that all hoses are connected properly on your fogger. Especially the breather tube inside of the tank which can be a common cause of leaks. 

If your fogger is still leaking after you checked all of your tube connections. You can reroute the system which is a secondary backup that will allow you to continue using your fogger if you've ever accidentally run the machine dry and break the pump. 

Step 2

Remove the tube from the nozzle at the base of the tank. You can remove this tube completely or simply zip tie it back so it doesn't get in your way. 

Step 3 

Grab the spare tube and the fogger box and attach it to the same connection point. 

Step 4 

Disconnect the tube at the back of the throttles white valve and connect the other end of the spare tube to that connection point. 

You have successfully rerouted your mosquito backpack fogger and can start spraying again!

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