How to Assemble and Start a Tomahawk Pro Series Concrete Screed

Powered by the incredible Honda GX35 engine Tomahawk Pro Series Screeds are the ultimate concrete finishing tools for professional concrete jobs. Watch this quick guide to help you assemble and start up your Tomahawk Power Screed today!

Tools You Will Need

  • 5mm Allen Wrench
  • Box Cutter
  • Wrench
  • Ratchet
  • 19mm Socket

How to Assemble a Tomahawk Pro Series Concrete Screed

  1. If you are opening the box for the first time, cut the zip ties securing the handles.
  2. Next, fit the right screed handle in the right-side of the engine assembly.
  3. Fasten the handle tightly using a 5mm Allen Wrench.
  4. Fit the left screed handle in the left side of the engine assembly.
  5. Fasten the handle tightly using a 5mm Allen Wrench.
  6. With the handle’s 360 degree range of motion, find a comfortable position.
  7. Fasten the handle tightly using a 5mm Allen Wrench.
  8. Repeat on the other side.
  9. Flip the kick stand down to complete the rest of the assembly.
  10. Plug the kill switch wire into the engine.
  11. Connect the throttle cable to the engine.
  12. Move the throttle back and forth to make sure it is engaging correctly.
  13. Tighten the throttle cable in place.

How to Attach a Blade to a Tomahawk Pro Series Concrete Screed

  1. TVSA-H Model Screeds are only compatible with Tomahawk Pro Series Blades.
  2. Fit the bolts through the back of the screed’s base.
  3. Align the bolts in the base to the holes in the screed blade.
  4. Feed the bolts through the holes in the back of the screed blade.
  5. Place a washer on each bolt and hand tighten the nuts.
  6. Secure the bolt with a wrench and tighten using a 19mm socket.
  7. Repeat on the other side.


How to Start a Tomahawk Pro Series Concrete Screed

  1. Remove the fuel cap on the Honda Engine and add 91 Octane Gasoline to the tank.
  2. Next add Premium SAE10W-30 Motor Oil to the engine. This screed’s Honda GX35 Engine has an oil capacity of 3.4 ounces. Do not overfill the engine as this could create excess engine smoke.
  3. Close the choke and pump the primer bulb 3-5 times until you see fuel pass through the fuel lines.
  4. Pull the recoil starter cord until the engine starts.
  5. Open the choke in the few seconds after the engine starts.



We hope that this guide helped you assemble and start your Tomahawk Pro Series Power Screed with ease. Remember, after using your screed and storing it overnight, always store the screed laying down with the gas tank facing up, to avoid flooding the engine. For more spare parts, coupons, tips, tricks and more subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter. If you still need assistance assembling your power screed, reach out to the Tomahawk Power Customer Service Team.

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