How To Assemble A Tomahawk Power Push Sweeper


For big areas and busy schedules, our Tomahawk Power 38” Push Sweepers cover a wider path to reach more surface area so you can finish sweeping faster around indoor and outdoor spaces and on wet or dry surfaces! 

Recently received your push sweeper? Follow this assembly guide to get you started: 


1. Unboxing

After unboxing your power sweeper, you will find that the equipment arrives almost completely put together. Organize the separate pieces for easy assembly.


2. Brooms

Raise the handles and open the hopper bin to find the sweeper’s two front brooms. Lift one broom arm and begin unscrewing the 3 screws attached underneath, using the screwdriver included in the tool kit. Repeat for the second side.


3. Align

Align the first broom to the holes in the arm and begin to fasten it in place with the screws. Repeat for the second side.


4. Handles

To lock the handle in the upright position, loosen the knobs at the base of the handles. Then, pull the handlebar up to align it with the slots at the base on each side. Push the handlebar down into the slots and tighten the knobs to lock it in place.


5. Adjust 

Adjust the main brush control, located on the back of the outdoor sweeper, to raise or lower the brush roller located underneath the sweeper.

Pro Tip: You can raise or lower the front brushes to your ideal height for a lighter or deeper cleaning of any hard surface.


Now that your push sweeper is assembled, you are ready to tackle floors, sidewalks, garages and more! 

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