How To Replace The Air Filter On A TMD14 Backpack Fogger Mist Blower


The air filter within our Tomahawk 3.7 Gallon Turbo Boosted Backpack Fogger is an essential component. This feature filters the air going into the engine, blocking our unwanted particles from entering the engine. When the air filter is dirty, your engine is at risk of being damaged. 


Over time you may find your air filter will get dirty and you may need to replace it.


Learn how to replace your air filter in these quick and easy steps:


What You Will Need:



Step 1:

Untwist top and bottom knobs on the outside of the air filter cover.

Step 2:

Remove the air filter cover.

Step 3:

Remove the old air filter.

Step 4:

Insert the new air filter.

Step 5:

Apply the air filter cover.

Step 6:

Tighten by twisting the top and bottom knobs.


Your backpack fogger will now run smoothly with a clean air filter. 


We hope this guide helped you get the most out of your backpack sprayer. Check back in to Tomahawk's comprehensive library of manuals, assembly guides, videos, & more to power your world!

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