Concrete Finishing: 3 Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

When it comes to concrete finishing, the tools used matter just as much as the concrete being poured. While traditional, manual methods are familiar, they are not always the best option. 

Work smart, not harder. 

Lift Gate 

Saves Time 

Completing a construction job on time is a crucial element to maintaining brand trust and reliability. Lift gates allows workers to spend less time prepping, and more time completing the actual job. Workers will save a significant amount of time carrying equipment on and off trucks. 

Saves Energy

When working at a jobsite, carrying hefty tools back and forth from trucks eventually causes fatigue. As much as time is a valuable asset in concrete finishing, so is a worker’s level of energy. Lift gates eliminate the work of moving equipment, so workers can utilize their energy for more important tasks. 

Prevents Injury 

Safety is at the forefront of worker health and wellness within the construction industry. Lift gates support safety by doing the hard work for you. Carrying around heavy equipment from a truck to the jobsite eventually causes fatigue, which could lead to injury. Lift gates promote safety by eliminating the strenuous labor put on workers. 

If you’re looking to purchase a lift gate, we recommend using brands such as Tommy Gate for a high quality, reliable hydraulic lift gate. 

Power Screed



When compared to manual methods, power screeds boost efficiency significantly. Dragging a wooden slab along wet concrete will not provide the same level of consistency and ease that power screeds offer. Power screeds complete the job 4 times faster than traditional methods. Workers can do a better job, while also saving time. 


As strenuous as construction jobs can be, vibratory screeds ensure that workers avoid injury. Power screeds smooth out concrete without requiring multiple workers to be bent over and pushing. Workers can stay upright, relieving tension from their spines and saving energy. Power screeds only require one person to use, saving efforts for other workers to complete different tasks.


Concrete finishing jobs are labor-intensive. For workers, this commonly causes them to stop working at an earlier age than desired because they are repeatedly doing the same strenuous task. Power screeds help workers not get worn out as easily, allowing them to remain healthy and keep working. Using a vibrating screed not only adds longevity to employees, but the concrete itself. 

Cost Effective 

Using cheap, easy equipment is not necessarily “cheap” in the long run. Low-cost tools get run through quickly, resulting in spending more money replacing them time and time again. Power screeds provide the technology and quality to last for years, saving labor costs overall. 

Gas Powered Concrete Sprayer 


The gas-powered sprayer provides compatibility with wand and tip attachments. This makes a contractor's life much easier, as they can easily utilize different attachment brands and types, without reducing the quality of the spray. 

Saves Time

10 times faster than manual pump sprayers, gas-powered sprayers allow workers to apply water, wax, resin-based concrete curing, sealants, and other products onto concrete in a short amount of time. They operate efficiently in order to do a better job, faster. 


Unlike manual sprayers, gas powered concrete sprayers perform the highest quality finish possible. The spray allows for a consistent application with adjustable pressures to accommodate any desired spray. 


Designed to provide comfort for workers, this backpack concrete sprayer allows for even weight distribution with enhanced padding and straps. The balance and comfort reduces worker fatigue, while also keeping them safe during use. 

With a new year ahead, it’s important to invest in equipment that will not only produce better quality results, but also support workers while they are doing the job. 

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