Which Spray Nozzle Is Best For My Pest Control Application?

Whether you are experiencing a mosquito, tick, ant, or any other pest infestation, the way you spray makes a signification difference. Spray nozzles give you the flexibility to treat specific areas, while also creating an effective, long-lasting solution. 


Discover what spray nozzle will be best for your pest control application:

Foundation Gun 



Need to get rid of pests that are high up in your trees? Our Foundation Gun is the perfect solution. 

Easily adjust from a straight stream to a cone for your optimal performance. Our Foundation Spray Guns are built with tough brass and stainless steel.

Attach it to your Tomahawk Backpack Sprayer to reach up to 30ft high.  Use this gun for pest control treatments, soil injection, foundation wall spraying, pre-construction termites treatments. 

Compatible with:


Twin Tip



Need better coverage around your garden, backyard, patio, or nursery? Our Twin Tip nozzle is ideal to target any pests hiding in your yard’s foliage. 

Increase your spray coverage with every pass to increase your productivity. With a conical spray pattern, this twin tip is great for large area applications. Use the misting strength to spray 1 acre in 15 minutes or less. 


Compatible with:


Fan Nozzle 


Our Fan Nozzle attachment provides the perfect fogging performance to tackle mosquitoes, ticks, and any outdoor pest. 

Cover all areas of your yard by powering up to 300 PSI and reaching up to 25ft high. 

Compatible with:


ULV Nozzle 


Our ULV nozzle can be easily installed to your fogger for ULV treatments. Achieve a Droplet Size of 25-100 Microns and Cover 1 acre in 30 minutes or less with better plant foliage penetration essential for effective insect or disease control.

Compatible with:


Misting Gun 



Get your garden ready for mosquito season with our Misting Gun attachment!

Delivering a range from a fine mist to high- pressure jet, this attachment can tackle a variety of environments and pest control needs. Adjustable from a pressurized jet to a fine mist, spray up to 25ft to achieve greater coverage reaching into trees and tall buildings.

Compatible with:


Irrigation Rod


Whether your goal is deep root watering, or injecting fertilize to treat your soils for diseases, the best choice for plant and tree root irrigation is our Irrigation Rod attachment. 

Use the rod’s 4-hole design to cover those hard to reach areas in your yard. 

Attach to your sprayer for ground probing, pressure root feeding, and other placement applications.

Compatible with:


TeeJet Nozzles


Each yard is unique, which means that spraying needs will vary.

Spray nozzles have a big impact on plant health, crop yield, and pest control. 

We created our sprayer wand to be compatible with TeeJet nozzles so you can utilize a range of spray patterns and pressures. 

Compatible with:



Each pest is unique, and spray nozzles play a significant role in the effectiveness of your spraying strategy. 


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