What You Need to Know About the New Honda GXE2.0S Battery Motor

Honda's new GXE2.0S is a high-efficiency and high-performance advanced electrified power unit that provides power output similar to gasoline engines with the convenience of battery power and friendly features of low noise, vibration and indoor useability. Honda designed its new Honda eGX motor for original equipment manufacturers in the heavy-duty industry who want to provide battery powered equipment options for their customers.


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The first applications for the Honda eGX motor were for rammers used in the construction industry. The motor was engineered to closely meet the rugged, durable performance output of the distinguished Honda GX100 and Honda GX120 engines, with the differentiation of no need for oil or fuel. Each battery pack is topped with an easy grip holder, giving the user quick access to a secure grip when handling and swapping batteries to and from the charger.

Honda Launches Electrified Power Unit | OEM Off-Highway

Image by: Honda

The sealed battery pack and motor are dust and water resistant, making them practical for use in harsh, heavy-duty environments. The electric motor and battery pack provide greater versatility, allowing what had been solely outdoor power equipment to be used inside. The Honda advanced electrified power unit allows for expanded work hours and eliminates costly routine servicing needs and downtime for repairs of internal combustion engine products. The Honda eGX also provides zero emissions and reduced operator fatigue.


Motor Specifications

Motor Type

3 phase brushless DC

Battery Type 

Li-Lion 18650 cell base

Battery Capacity




Net Torque

3.5 lb-ft @ 3,600 RPM

Net Power Output

2.4HP @ 3,600 RPM

Control System 




Motor Dimensions








29.8 lb




Three-year commercial warranty

Battery Pack and Charger

Two-year commercial warranty



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