Veseris Success Story: Doug Gibbs - The Growing Relationship Between Tomahawk & Veseris

Since April of 2020, Tomahawk Power and Veseris have partnered to provide pest control equipment to professionals across the United States. With stocked inventory in 10 of Veseris’ branches, this partnership has grown and developed into a promising journey. 

Veseris provides and distributes new products and services to professional applicators in public health, wildlife management, specialty agriculture, turf and ornamental services, and more around the nation. Professionals know Veseris to be the leading supplier for a wide variety of pest control products and chemicals. 

For new and developing partnerships, Tomahawk Power supplies sales representatives with equipment to try out for free to ensure it is the right fit for their business. 

Veseris Sales Representative, Doug Gibbs, chose Tomahawk as his preferred brand for pest control equipment and has seen great success with his customer base since this partnership began. 

4.75 Gallon Battery Backpack Sprayer, Lithium Powered, Model #eTPS18

Not only has he recognized the quality of the equipment, but he has also seen how Tomahawk Power’s hands-on customer service has made a positive difference in the buyer’s journey and overall experience. From providing quick shipping to troubleshooting assistance, Doug Gibbs appreciates the way Tomahawk helps support his own customer relationships. 

We sat down with Doug to learn about his experience selling Tomahawk Power pest control equipment to his customers.


What is your title and how long have you been working with Veseris?

“I am a sales manager for Veseris. I cover the South regions of the United States, Central Texas, the Gulf Coast, and Louisiana- except for Baton Rouge and New Orleans. I have been with Veseris for 18 years.”


Who is your customer base?

“My customer base includes both project manager professionals and a growing number of landscape companies.”


What Tomahawk Power products have you sold to your customers?

“I have sold the Tomahawk Power TMD14 Backpack Fogger Mist Blower."


What are your customers using the sprayer for?

“My customers are using the TMD14 Backpack Fogger mainly for pest control- specifically to target mosquitoes.”

3.7 Gallon Backpack Mosquito Fogger, Leaf Blower, Model #TMD14

How has your experience been with Tomahawk Power’s customer service team?

“Our experience with Tomahawk Power’s customer service team has been great! Every time we send a product order for a pallet of TMD14 Backpack Foggers, it is delivered in just two days! Also, with spare parts, we get them the next day.”


Have your customers' experience with Tomahawk Power products been overall positive?

“Yes, our customer's experience has been positive. We have not had a single complaint or a return. Before Tomahawk, a majority of our customers had been using STIHL for their pest control equipment. I am now seeing more and more of them switch over to Tomahawk!”

Doug Gibbs has sold over 110 TMD14 Backpack Foggers since this partnership’s inception. Tomahawk Power looks forward to continuing building a strong relationship with Veseris by nurturing customer relationships through high quality products and a supportive customer service team. 

Reach out to Tomahawk’s Sale’s Support team to start building new roads today!


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