Tomahawk Power - World of Concrete 2017

Tomahawk Power had another great showing this year at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, NV from January 17-20th. Despite a few drops of rain, many contractors from all over the Midwest to came and see Tomahawk’s new lines of concrete finishing equipment, such as the new line of power trowels and power screeds. The new PMT36 and PMT48 concrete power trowels were some of the more popular models this year, as Tomahawk Power continues to grow its line of high quality light compaction and concrete equipment.

Tomahawk Power also displayed its new distributor demonstration pit, which will soon be an option for all Tomahawk Power brand dealers. This demo pit is designed for running Tomahawk Power light compaction equipment, such as the PMR68 tamping rammer, and PC5030 reversible plate compactor. 2 different sections of the demo pit allow for customers to test Tomahawk’s compaction equipment on different types of cohesive and granular soils. At the demo pit at the World of Concrete show this year, Tomahawk had contractors and equipment distributors alike test out their light compaction equipment.  The picture below show some contractors from Iowa and Minnesota testing out Tomahawk tamping rammers and plate compactors at the booth. While specification sheets are important, there is no substitute for testing equipment out for yourself on job-like soil conditions.

As the spring season approaches, many contractors are ramping up their crews, and are in the need of updated equipment. Whether it be a new fleet of tamping rammers, plate compactors, or asphalt rollers, warmer weather brings new work for many crews who have been sidelined by Mother Nature’s frigid winter disposition. Many new products and services were displayed at this year’s World of Concrete show. Optimism in the US economy has led many contractors and equipment distributors to begin to add to equipment fleets that have been left stagnant for the past few years. In the center of the United States, states such as Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois, many contractors and equipment distributors purchase their equipment for the spring and summer months at the World of Concrete show. In this region of the United States, there are 3 major soil types; Loess, Glacial Till, and Alluvium. Loess is classified as a cohesive soil, while Alluvium and Glacial Till would be categorized as a mainly granular soil. Interestingly enough, Loess makes up about 37% of the soil composition in the state of Iowa. For this reason, tamping rammers are ideal for compaction purposes, as much of the soil within the state of Iowa would be classified as cohesive soil. Compaction equipment that relies more heavily on vibration to settle the soil is ideal for those areas that would be classified as more of a granular soil region. Loess is classified by the Iowa Statewide Urban Design and Specifications institute as a fine-grained, stratified accumulation of clay and silt deposited by wind. Alluvium is described as Clay, silt, sand or gravel carried by running streams and deposited where streams slow down. Glacial Till is classified as an unstratified soil deposited by a glacier, consisted of clay, silt, sand, gravel, and boulders.

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