Compaction Equipment in the Southwest Region

The United States has seen an economic trend that seems to be continuing in a downward spiral. The Great Recession of 2008 greatly affected everyone from citizens to businesses. More specifically the impact it had on public work projects and construction in general can be evidently noticed. Luckily, the United States has over the years picked itself up and begun funding as well as revitalizing many construction projects throughout the country.

More specifically, areas of the country such as the Southwest have been faced with a large influx in construction works. In 2016 alone the Southwestern states totaled $6.078 billion in construction works funding by the United States government. As of 2017, construction funding is expected to be increased by a total of 5%. States such as Nevada are preparing heavily for the New Year, unveiling many projects that will reshape the Las Vegas area.

Project Neon is Nevada’s plan to widen the US interstate I5. This project’s goal to widening 3.7 miles of US Interstate I5 will stretch through the Las Vegas strip will bring large amount of revenue to not only Nevada contractors but also to companies specializing in the equipment needed in order to complete these projects. Companies such as Tomahawk Power, who specialize in light compaction and concrete equipment, will see a great demand for their products. This compaction equipment provided by Tomahawk Power and other construction manufacturers will pave the way to other Nevada construction projects including the reconstruction of the Aria convention center. This $1.4 billion convention center will require equipment ranging from jumping jacks, concrete saws, generators, rollers, as well as other construction equipment in order to complete. Other states such as New Mexico have also begun expanding, creating, and renovating their most popular cities.

Estimated to be completed in Santa Fe by late 2017 the Presbyter Hospital/Medical Campus will require the demolition of the previous building on site. This will require the use of large as well as small construction equipment. Equipment such as the PMR68 tamping rammer, PMF18 concrete saw, PC4515 plate compactor, TGL5000 generator, as well as the PDR90H double drum roller. All of these products are manufactured by Tomahawk Power.

Areas such as Phoenix Arizona have also seen their fair share of construction. Living in Arizona myself I witnessed construction crews lugging away at the soil with their PMR68 tamping rammer and flattening a future road with the HZR80 plate compactor. Areas such as Phoenix have relied heavily on this type of equipment which is available through Tomahawk Power. Tomahawk’s light compaction and concrete equipment has greatly supplied contractors in the Phoenix area. Projects in Midtown Phoenix, such as Project Muse, have been in dire need of Tomahawk’s light compaction and concrete equipment. This luxury 367 unit apartment complex will require the use of Tomahawk Power’s Jumping Jack (PMR68), plate compactor (PC4515), and concrete saws (MFS14/PMF18). Projects in Downtown Phoenix will also be under construction throughout 2017. With project Fillmore which consists of a 4.1 acre 230 unit apartment projects, light and heavy construction equipment will be needed. The foundation will require to be compacted by equipment such as the HZR80 plate compactor as well as the PMR68 jumping jack. Soil will also need to be watered in order to be compacted; this is where Tomahawk Power’s TW1.5F water pump will be needed. Not to mention the necessary use of the double drum roller such as Tomahawk Power’s PDR90H asphalt roller.

Compaction equipment

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