Tomahawk Power Attends Generator Convention

From December 8-10th, Tomahawk Power attended its first Power-Gen International conference in Las Vegas, NV. Power-Gen International is the world’s largest power generation conference, boasting 22,000 power professionals from more than 90 countries. Over the past several years the conference had been held in Florida, but with its new location in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tomahawk Power was able to send many team members to participate, and learn more about the power generator industry as a whole.

Tomahawk Power’s U.S. team of generator professionals met with a wide variety of disciplines within the power generation industry; engineers, project developers, IT specialists, power plant designers, and manufacturers  to name a few. The trade show also provided over 50 educational conference sessions, several of which were attended by Tomahawk Power professionals. Some of the main topics that were covered in the break-out sessions were generator industry trends, emission control tracks, micro-grids, storage, and virtual power plants. One Tomahawk employee put it best when he said, “I really couldn’t think of a better way to learn about the power generation industry than by attending Power-Gen International. Seeing all of the new technology and equipment designs really helped me better understand the direction in which the power generation industry is headed. It also really showcased how broad the industry is, and how many people it affects."

1400 companies exhibited at Power-Gen, and although the Tomahawk Power attendees were able to meet and speak with many of these firms, the surface of the power generation industry was only scratched.  Much of the focus for Tomahawk Power was aimed at the new emission technology for diesel generator sets, and how that would play a role moving forward within the power generation industry. Tomahawk Power will continue to strive forward into the new year, with its new line of Tier 4 Final diesel generator sets.

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