Tomahawk Attends Agricultural Tradeshow

The week of November 23rd-27th, Tomahawk Power attended the Expo AgroAlimentaria down in Irapuato, Guanajuato Mexico. This was Tomahawk Power’s first time as an exhibitor at Mexico’s largest agricultural trade show. The Expo Agroalimentaria has been operating since 1996, and focuses on showcasing new technologies for agricultural equipment and supplies in Mexico. Tens of thousands of visitors, and hundreds of exhibitors come every year to participate from all over the world.

Tomahawk took the opportunity to display its new line of professional series chainsaws among its other top selling products such as the TPS25 agricultural sprayer. The new line of Tomahawk chainsaws includes a 14”, 16”, and 18” chainsaw, each with a unique Tomahawk Power brushless engine.

Tomahawk’s new water pump videos were also on display at the booth for the TW1.5 (1.5”), TW2 (2”), and TW3 (3”). Throughout the tradeshow, thousands of farmers and business owners stopped by to engage with the Tomahawk Power representatives and products that were present. Demonstrations of the chainsaws and TPS25 sprayer were put on at the Tomahawk Booth on an hourly basis, which allowed customers to see the power and quality behind each product. Dozens of wood logs were cut with ease, hundreds of liters of water were sprayed, and many Tomahawk Power products were carried off by happy customers.

The Expo AgroAlimentaria was another great opportunity for Tomahawk to speak with local end users of their agricultural products, as well as demonstrate how to properly assemble and maintain each piece of equipment. Farmers were given a chance to try out Tomahawk’s equipment first-hand, as well as share insight into how these products provided solutions for them on their farms. By engaging with end users, Tomahawk was able to showcase its quality products and customer service. Tomahawk Power plans to be back for Expo AgroAlimentaria 2016.

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