Pump Maintenance For Your Backpack Sprayer


In order to extend the life of your backpack sprayer, it's important to spend time performing pump maintenance.

These are easy, quick maintenance steps to take to make sure your pump is running smoothly:


1. Flush out with water after use.

When spraying with chemicals, after dissolving -the chemical returns to a crystallized form. This can cause clogging in your pump. Avoid this by flushing it out with water after use.

2. Check for debris in the pump

If dirt or debris gets clogged in your backpack sprayer pump, loosen up the bolts on the sides where intake and discharge are located. Run the sprayer with water and let the debris flush out.

3. Ensure you always have a strainer installed

Strainers will help filter out any debris that could potentially clog the backpack sprayer pump.

4. Oil

After long-time use, it's important to keep your pump in the best shape by adding oil. If it is less than halfway full, add up to the halfway mark.


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