INTRODUCING: Tomahawk Battery Powered Tamping Rammer

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Introducing our newest compaction product, the Tomahawk Battery Powered Tamping Rammer, powered by Honda! 

As we continue to move towards our goal to offer a full line of battery powered equipment, we are pleased to introduce you to a rammer that is run by a Honda’s new cutting edge lithium-ion GXE2.0S Engine.

With this new release, we did not compromise on the strength and power that our original gas powered vibratory rammers offer. We combined the same durable quality through a new and improved design to not only achieve the same superior compaction force on the job site, but enhance the way our equipment impacts the environment. 

Clean energy is the new standard. Construction equipment is a significant contributor to air pollution. To address this impact, the California Air Resources Board has adopted the nation’s first regulation designed to clean up construction equipment by gradually turning over to cleaner, more environmentally friendly models. 

For project locations that require electric/battery power, low noise, sited in poorly ventilated areas, this Tamping Rammer is the perfect solution! 

Learn why this new battery equipment is better for operators, better for the environment, and better for the life of the machine: 



  • High-efficiency, high-power 3 phase brushless DC motor for maximum performance and reliability
  • Quick charging lithium-ion battery for maximized operational productivity
  • No fuel dependency saves time and money resulting in more efficient operations and improved long-term ROI
  • 72V Voltage 
  • New Power Output: 2.4 HP at 3,600 RPM
  • Net Torque: 3.5 lb-ft at 3,600 RPM 
  • 3-year GX warranty 
  • 2-year component warranty (battery and charger) 

Quiet Operations 

  • The electric motor reduces noise and expands productivity in areas where gasoline engines are too loud to operate.

High Output 

  • With no fuel dependency, you can achieve more efficient operations and improved long-term ROI as you save time and money. 

  • Laminated 13 in. x 11 in. wood and steel shoe 

  • Controlled jumping motions at an incredible force of 3,550 lbs. per square ft. 

  • Compaction of cohesive and granular soils up to 26 in. 


  • Along with quiet use, it still provides the same strength as our gas powered rammer, compacting 3,350 lbs. per square ft. 
  • 1-year product warranty.
  • 3-year engine warranty

Joining The Green Movement 

  • CARB and EPA certified. 
  • Compliant with CA laws requiring engines to all be battery-powered by 2022. 

Zero fuel used, less noise produced, maximum longevity in the most demanding environments.

100% Compaction. 0% Fuel Emissions.

Join us in the green movement and bone of the first to get your hands on the brand new Battery Tamping Rammer.  

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