How To Bypass the Low Oil Sensor on an Engine – Honda GX160

The GX160 Honda engine is suitable for various heavy-duty equipment such as construction, landscaping, and other industrial equipment.  In this video we will show you the steps of how to properly diagnose your engine and bypass the oil sensor.

Watch the following video or follow these steps:

How to Bypass the Oil Sensor


  • Find the ON/OFF switch, where clip is located
  • Remove the wires from the clip to access the oil sensor
  • Follow the bottom bolt up to the sensor wire

          (TIP: Usually the yellow wire)

  • Once you’ve located the wire disconnect it
  • Attempt to start equipment to ensure low oil sensor has been bypassed

In the case of the engine still not starting call Tomahawk Power at (866)577-4476 or locate a Service Center near you on our website.



Low Oil Sensor - A safety feature in engines designed to prevent the engine from running when the oil level is too low, which could lead to engine damage.

ON/OFF Switch - The switch that controls the power state of the engine, turning it either on or off.

Clip - A component used to hold or secure wires in place, ensuring they are connected to the appropriate components without loose ends.

Bypass - To override or skip a particular component's function. In this context, bypassing the low oil sensor allows the engine to run without the sensor’s input on oil level.


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