How to Track Online Orders from Tomahawk Power

First of all, thank you for purchasing Tomahawk Power Equipment! Through our commitment to American engineering with long lasting parts and engines, we know you will find Tomahawk equipment to be the star of your fleet for years to come.

Here, we have provided everything you need to know about ordering and shipping with us. 

Once your order ships you will receive a shipping confirmation by email, including a tracking number. If you purchased through, click on the tracking number to track your shipment.

daylight freight truck power screed shipping

If you purchased through Amazon or eBay, you can track your shipment through their website – unless your purchase includes any construction equipment. These items are oversized requiring shipping through freight carriers, which unfortunately Amazon and eBay cannot provide tracking details for. But don’t worry, you will still be able to track your order by visiting the carrier’s website and using the tracking number included in your shipping confirmation email.

Oversized items are either crated or placed on a pallet, strapped down, and wrapped with shrink wrap. In the case of power screeds, the engine is crated while the blades come in a separate durable tube.

power screed with honda engine and 8ft blade packaging

Once your order has shipped, the freight carrier will call the number you provided with your order to schedule a delivery date and time. You also have the option of calling the carrier and scheduling the delivery ahead of time, which may reduce your delivery time by one day.

Once your order has arrived, count everything in the delivery to make sure it matches up with the delivery sheet. Count and inspect the items upon delivery and sign the carrier's delivery receipt to accept the shipment. Should there be any issues with the shipment, let the delivery driver know and note them down on the delivery receipt to address them right away. In the case of any damage, you can refuse the shipment if you like, take pictures, and please notify our Customer Service Team right away. Remember, once you sign for your product, you are responsible for all damage, including concealed damage.

signing for a freight shipment


Again, thank you for your purchase. And don’t forget, our customer support doesn’t end with your order. From checkout to your job site, Tomahawk is on call to answer questions, provide tips, and supply quality service. If there are any issues with your order, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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