How To Replace The Throttle Assembly On A JX60H Tamping Rammer

The throttle assembly on the JX60H Tamping Rammer is used to regulate the power of the rammer. The throttle lever is located on the rammer handle and the end connects to the engine. If the throttle breaks or stops working, a replacement is needed. 

NOTE: The replacement throttle assembly for the JX60H Tamping Rammer fits models 2018 and newer.

Follow these steps to replace the throttle assembly on your rammer:


What You Will Need:



Step 1:                                                                                                                                                             

Remove old throttle from the rammer.

Step 2:

Using a screwdriver, remove the plastic cover on the rammer.

Step 3:

Remove the top of the throttle from the handle.

Step 4:

With the throttle in full, remove the end of the throttle from the Honda engine.

Step 5:

Press the top of the accelerator lever while pulling the throttle cable forward to remove.

Step 6:

Once removed, place the new throttle into position, so it fits under the plastic cover.

Step 7:

Pressing the lever all the way forward, thread the end of the throttle into the accelerator.

Step 8:

Fasten the throttle into the handle.

Step 9:

Using a screwdriver secure the plastic cover back onto the rammer. 

Step 10:

Make sure the throttle on the handle moves the throttle on the Honda engine.

With your new throttle assembly in place, your tamping rammer is now ready to use! 


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