How To Replace The Fuel Line and Fuel Filter On A TPS25 Backpack Sprayer

The fuel line on the TPS25 Backpack Sprayer transports fuel from the tank into the carburetor. The fuel line and fuel filter are located in between the fuel tank and carburetor. You may need to replace the fuel filter and fuel line if it gets clogged or has a leak spot. 

NOTE: Replacement fuel lines with filter for the TPS25 Backpack Sprayer fit 2019 and newer models.


Follow these quick and easy steps to replace the fuel line and fuel filter:


What You Will Need:



Step 1:

Using needle nose pliers, remove the old fuel line from the fuel tank.

Step 2:

Using needle nose pliers, loosen the old fuel line from the carburetor until it is released.

Step 3:

Using the new fuel line, press the fuel line into the fuel tank with the filter side down.

Step 4:

Take the top of the fuel line and connect to the carb outlets.

Your backpack sprayer is now ready to use! 


We hope this guide helped you get the most out of your backpack sprayer. Check back in to Tomahawk's comprehensive library of manuals, assembly guides, videos, & more to power your world! 

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