How To Put A Clutch On A Honda GX 100 Rammer Engine

For this instructional video, our warehouse crew demonstrates how to place a Honda GX 100 4-Stroke Engine clutch on our Tomahawk 3 HP Honda Vibratory Rammer Tamper

This Honda engine is specifically made for tamper rammers to withstand heavy-duty work. The clutch on a rammer spins at a high speed, causing it to twist the gearbox and engine to make the rammer jump. 

If you are experiencing problems with your rammer, but the engine still works, it could be an issue with the clutch. This could happen if the clutch is broken or worn down, which causes it to not engage with the engine. 


  1. Put the washer on the shaft. 
  2. Place the key over the washer. 
  3. Apply the clutch to the engine. 
  4. Hammer the clutch in to secure in place. 
  5. Continue to hammer until the clutch is in line and tightly secured. 
  6. Place the second washer over the clutch, and follow along with the closing washer. 
  7. Place the bolt onto the engine. 
  8. Pull the starter rope before tightening and hold in place. 
  9. Tighten until secure. 
  10. Use a flat screwdriver and hammer to flatten the washer. 
  11. Place the cover on. 

Regardless of the engine brand, the process to apply the clutch will be the same for all rammers. 

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