How to Mix Portland Cement

Portland cement, the most common type of cement, is created from clay and limestone that hardens with the addition of water. It is a common ingredient of concrete, stucco mortar, grout and more. Portland cement gets its name from its creation in the 18th century in Britain, from it’s similarity to Portland stone, a building material quarried in Isle of Portland in England.



Concrete is an important construction material, used all of the world. It is used extensively in roads, buildings, bridges, dams, sidewalks, patios, and more.



2.5 Parts Sand

1 Parts Cement

.5 Parts Water

Aggregate (Variable)



Mix the sand, cement, aggregate together

Next add water



Mortar is commonly used to hold together building materials, such as stone, brick, tile, etc. It is a thick mixture, with a higher ratio or water to cement to create it’s bonding effect.



3 Parts Sand to 1.5 Parts Cement


Optional: Hydrated Lime (Waterproofing, Eliminated Shrinkage Cracks)



Mix the sand a cement together

Next add water



Portland cement is often used to artwork or sculpture because of the extra strength it provides.



1 Part Sand (Silica)

2 Parts Cement

Microfibers (variable)

4 Parts Water



Mix the sand silica and cement together

Next add water

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