How To Maintain Your Plate Compactor

Maintaining your plate compactor is essential for the quality of work that this equipment will be doing. The engine, belt, and air filter are main parts of the equipment that can cause the breakdowns and make your plate less effective, if it is not being properly maintained. Here are some helpful tips and tricks for maintaining your plate compactor:


Daily Care and Monthly Care


Clean Your Compactor

The plate on the compactor is imperative to keep clean. When using the compactor, the plate needs to be free of dirt, gravel, and/or asphalt buildup. Often while working on asphalt, it is common for rocks and debris to get swept up by the vibration which can lead to damage to the plate. By removing this debris you can reduce the chances or the plate getting damaged.but make sure you are not using any flammable cleaners. If the build-up of asphalt becomes too much, it could cause the plate to jam up or damage the plate.


Check for Any Loose Screws and Nuts

Over time, these parts make loosen, so it is recommended to tighten them from time to time.


Check for Damage

Examine your compactor for any damage, specifically on the drive belt and shock mounts.


Check the Fluid Levels

Make sure when doing so, the plate compactor is on a flat surface so that the fluids are measured appropriately. When there is not enough oil, the bearings can burn out. With too much oil, the machine may begin to slow down and lose efficiency.

Replace Old Fuel

Along with checking the fluid levels, it is important to drain the fuel tank and replace with new gas and oil. Gasoline octane can degrade over time. Tomahawk recommends 91 Octane gasoline and SAE10W30 Oil to be used for the optimal performance.


Check the Clutch

If the clutch is loose, the transmission will lose effectiveness, which will make the compaction weak.


Check Plate for Wearing

The wear of the lining on the shoe should be checked. If the shoe is worn, the power transmission becomes scarce and slipping of the plate compactor will result.


Check the Air Filter

Check the air filter for extreme dirt. This could reduce the filters efficiency. To clean out the air filter use an air compressor to clean it from the inside out. Do not attempt to do this from the outside in. 


With these tips and tricks, your plate compactor will be will perform efficiently and extend the lifespan of the machine.


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