How To Connect The Battery And Leads On A TWG210A Welder Generator


To start up your TWG210A Welder Generator, you need to understand how to connect the battery and battery leads.

In this video, our warehouse crew goes over each step to help start up your TWG210A Welder Generator by connecting the battery and battery leads.


Watch the video or follow the steps below: 


1. Fasten the wire onto the top of the battery with the metal bolt. 

2. Use a socket wrench to tighten the bolt. 

3. Place the rubber cap into the fastened wire. 

4. For the battery leads, feed the red casing through the lead.

5. Attach the metal connectors to the top of the battery lead. 

6. Tighten connectors with an Allen wrench. 

7. Attach each leads to the corresponding terminals on the generator. 


Your Welder Generator is now ready to use! 


Tomahawk Welder Generators are designed for high power and durability. Ideal for farms, construction sites, or any job that requires electrical power and CC (constant current) stick welding.  


Get the TWG210A Welder Generator here. 


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