Diesel Generator Safety Tips

When operating a Tomahawk Diesel Generator you have to be very careful to follow all safety procedures, Failure to follow these procedures can result in injury or death.

Here’s some safety tips.

Always ground your generator!

Using a grounding line is essential to prevent electrocution. Grounding wires and cabling can be bought anywhere and is essential for directing electricity away from appliances and to the ground. This is very necessary when operating in wet and raining conditions along with when operation in construction sites and on above ground work.

Use spider boxes and twist lock plugs

When using a spiderbox you can insure your plugs are not pulled out or unsafely connected the generator. Spider boxes are advanced power strips and in many places are require on jobsites. Twist lock plugs prevent your appliances from being unplugged during operation

Properly ventilate your generator

Without proper ventilation Carbon Monoxide can kill you. Carbon Monoxide is colorless, odorless and can kill you in seconds. When installing your generator indoors make sure to properly ventilate and install the muffler so that the emissions go outside. If you feel sick or dizzy get to fresh air immediately

Do not start your generator with a load

Loading appliances on the generator before starting can result in failure of the generator and electrocution. When loading a generator load at 30%, 30% and hen 40%. Loading in 3 stages instead directly to 100% is the safest alternative and helps with the life of the generator

Be careful when fueling

Not all generators can be re-fueled while running make sure to take precaution not spill which can lead to fires and explosions. Putting a generator in area with material that can easily is dangerous refrain from doing so. Never store fuel or flammable liquids near the engine or generator.

Never backfeed a generator to the grid

When using a generator with the grid use a UPS (uninterruptable power source) or ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch.) A professional and the manufacturer’s instructions are essential when doing an electrical installation

Do not touch the alternator or muffler during operation

This can result in burning. Additional do not touch the generator after just running these items will be extremely hot.

Do not exceed the maximum Power load

Properly calculate the wattage of all appliances and the starting watts before running the load of the generator.


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